Message from the President

As always I am excited about the Festival Hellenika ® program. The 2017
program is going to be filled with performances, presentations, exhibitions,
concerts and events that reflect the talent and passion that engage audiences
throughout South Australia and Greece. We aim to reach people from all walks
of life, including a commitment to young people from early childhood through
to tertiary level. Furthermore, we are proud of our creative achievements and
our long-standing aim to encourage, nurture and promote all aspects of Hellenic
cultural creativity creation and its Australian manifestations.

Some of our highlights this year will be our musical events. Musical Centres
of the Aegean at the Dunstan Playhouse featuring Areti Ketime and Manolis
Kottoros who will take us on an unforgettable journey not to be missed. Apodimi
Kompania at the Marion Cultural Centre will touch us with Rebetika and Greek
Folkloric music. Nostalgic cinema screenings will bring back memories for
many; presentations on Greek Folk Remedies: Foods Facts & Fictions and
Constantinople: through foreign eyes will be interesting and engaging.

We invite you to hear and reflect on the stories, memories and experiences of
actual passengers of the Begoña, predominately – bride ship – that transported
them from Greece to Australia 60 years ago. Also as it is 60 years since the death
of Nikos Kazantzakis there will be a presentation regarding one of Greece’s most
famous, international acclaimed man of letters. And there are so many more.
We look forward to seeing you at these events.

Festival Hellenika® is made possible through the passion, commitment and
generosity of our committee members, our sponsors and of course the public
who I thank for their ongoing support. Over the next few months, I trust we will
immerse you in the richness, abundance and variety of our Festival.