Hydra Presented by State Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre in association with Adelaide Festival Centre

Theatre / θέατρο


A decorated war correspondent and a talented young journalist meet, fall in love and set off on a global adventure, leaving scandal behind them in post-World War II Australia. It’s 1956 and Australia’s famous literary couple, George Johnston and Charmian Clift have moved to the Greek island of Hydra to focus their lives fully on their writing. Charmian, a burgeoning writing talent, creatively dominated by the tuberculosis ridden George, throws herself into this new community. Meanwhile, as George determinedly crafts what would become his Miles Franklin Award winning masterpiece, My Brother Jack, their marriage becomes increasingly strained and they discover that living in paradise has a price.

State Theatre Company favourite Sue Smith (Kryptonite, Machu Picchu, Brides of Christ) has crafted a sweeping tale told from the perspective of George and Charmian’s eldest son Martin. Hydra brings a soaring emotional tale of two extraordinary literary lives to the stage.

8:00pm, 19 May
Dunstan Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
$40 Bass 13 12 46

Zeno’s Secret by Dr Edward Spence

Theatre / θέατρο

Presented by Festival Hellenika

Dr. Edward Spence (Hons, 1st Class) PhD (University of Sydney) Senior Lecturer (Ethics), School of Communication and Creative Industries

ZENO’S SECRET-stoic philosophy and the art of living


In the 3rd century BC Greek philosophers proposed ways of living a flourishing life for the attainment of happiness(eudaimonia) and tranquility (ataraxia). In this presentation Dr. Edward Spence examines the Stoics’ significance and relevance for the 21st century. His play ZENO’S SECRET explores dramatically their teaching on how to be happy in an unhappy world.

The presentation and play are followed by audience participation through discussion

December 31, 2019
St Basil’s Home (SA) 9 Winchester Street, St Peters
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