Would you like Philosophy with that? – The Epicurean Way of Life

Talk (in English) / Ομιλία

Epicurean philosophy is often misunderstood. The ‘philosopher of the belly’ received a bad reputation already in antiquity. The fact that he was a fierce critic of others made him no friends. But when we look more closely, it turns out that he was a serious thinker with striking ideas about pleasure and pain, life and death, and how to live more generally. His students admired him and kept his memory alive by celebrating his name day every year. In his richly informed and lively presentation, Prof Han will take a look at Epicurus and his most prominent views as found in his own surviving works, while comparing them with the various distortions offered by other intellectuals.

A Festival Hellenika event presented by Prof. Han Baltussen

April 20, 2023
The University of Adelaide Hughes Building
Free Admission
No bookings required
Commences at 6.30pm
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